12 AUGUST 2009
We love stats!

Now that Community Fix is well established as a social tool, we thought you might like to see what everyone's been reporting, to whom and where. You can click the link below or go to the 'Stats...NEW!' tab on the main menu above to view a map where you can see all incidents (maximum 1,500, even Google goes slowly after that!) ever posted on Community Fix by incident category. We're very pleased with how many people have used the site to report eye sores and incidents in and around their places of work and where they live so that they can be fixed or cleared up to make their environments nicer, cleaner and safer places to live and work.

You'll see we have had incidents from every corner of the country and just 14 out of the 487 councils in the UK are yet to receive a report from us. Although we're just a humble website, it's not bad to have covered the entire country in less than two years! Thanks for your support and continuing to help keep your communities clean and safe.

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13 FEBRUARY 2009

Feb 2009 - Community Fix 1 year on!

It seems only yesterday that this website made the transition from its beta test to full launch. In the 12 months since we've had over 10,000 incident reports from every corner of the UK. Almost every one of the 487 councils has received at least 1 report from the website with Surrey the busiest area at over 150 reports.

Users are coming to the site to report everything from abandoned cars and fly tipping to reporting antisocial behaviour and broken street lights. Someone even reported that their neighbour gave them a funny look! The recent snow fall saw a huge spike in visits to the site and reports submitted for flooding, un-gritted roads and pavements, faulty lights and power outages.

We continue to get excellent feedback from users and councils alike. Below are just some of the positive comments we have received.

Thanks for using the site.

The Community Fix Team

"Hi, I just wanted to applaud your website and its efforts in getting people online to clean up our towns and cities, I've been sending your link to anyone I know." BD, Bromley

"Well done again to the fix it team,3 jobs sorted, 4 to go,keep up the good work,to all the peolple emailing in be patient the jobs will get done especialy with the help of the fix it team." DM, Notts

"Well done south northants council for such promopt action, I reported a spillage of emulsion paint on the road and pavement over the w/e and Monday morning they were there cleaning it all up. What good service Thanks SNDC" PLK, Northants

"wonderful,thats all really, tell the fix team and within 2 days all the jobs have been sorted,without your help i would not have got these problems put right,thank you and keep up the good work."

"What a great website!" KB, Staffs

14 DECEMBER 2007

Community Fix covers half the country in just 3 months

Community Fix is 3 months old and we’d like to start by saying a huge thanks to everyone who has used the site to report something to their council. We've been featured on a number of websites and in local papers around the country and we've even managed a mention or two on the radio!

We have just completed a survey of the 500 most recently posted incidents where we asked Community Fix users what they thought of the site, the council’s response and what they thought could be made better.

The response we received was overwhelming so we thought we should share some of the results by posting them on the website.

Here are just three of the surveys we got back:

  1. How easy did you find the Community Fix website to use?
    • Very easy to use.
    • Very easy.
    • Very.
  2. After reporting your incident, how long did you have to wait for the council to contact you?
    • Next day... I was very impressed with the speed that a contact was made by SNC and BT.
    • Around 10 days.
    • It was very quick, I can’t remember exactly but 2 days max.
  3. When the council contacted you, what did they say?
    • SNC informed me my comment had been noted and acted upon and informed me when job was completed.
    • They informed me the road surface I mentioned was due for repair scheduled in the next 3 months.
    • Initially they asked me to phone police and DVLA. I did this but each said not them and that the council should help. I then went back to the council and two days later they said they would contact the police and then the car got removed. So that was a good outcome.
  4. How long after reporting the incident did it take for action to take place (if at all)?
    • Remedial actions began within 48 hrs.
    • Not done yet (February date).
    • Probably just over a week in the end. Very quickly once the right department got involved.
  5. How satisfied were you with the Community Fix website?
    • Satisfied.
    • Very satisfied with the process as long as the work is carried out as they say.
    • Very.
  6. What did you like most about the website?
    • Maps showing where fix was needed.
    • Good idea, I thought I will give it a go.
    • The maps were fab, easy to use, fun to use.
  7. What can be improved about the website / service?
    • How about a service to pinpoint and promote safe routes to schools? Show rural footpaths and bridle ways on maps.
    • N/A
    • Thought it was good.
  8. How satisfied were you with the council’s response?
    • Satisfied.
    • I reported a bad road surface that was dangerous. It is a shame it won't start until February as the icy roads are coming now and that is when it needs the work done, before the bad weather.
    • Good.
  9. Would you use / recommend Community Fix again?
    • Yes – we are promoting the service on our community website and our parish magazine.
    • For sure.
    • Yes.
  10. What features would you like to see introduced on the website in the future?
    • A feature on rural bus services and routes... and a place to campaign for a better service.
    • Area targets and results/league table.
    • A survey - via email is not ideal :–)