Incident List

18/12/2012 The usual flytipping

Wood, paint tubs, cardboard, rubbish all dumped by an imbecile from Silkstone Crescent. Happens all the time, the council should send letters out telling residents there is CCTV monitoring the area for this behaviour as a deterrent.

18/12/2012 dumping

Carpet dumped in bushes

18/12/2012 graffiti on green telephone (wire) box

A green box, I assume belongs to telephone company, covered in unsightly graffiti.

18/12/2012 Abandoned vehicles/or left by car dealer

3 vehicle left here and none belong to the residents. Reg X294 MOA Renault Laguna Estate, green. Reg Gk56 UVP grey Citroen car. Reg M431 SAB grey Shogun

18/12/2012 Dumped car

VW Golf Red P741 HVW

18/12/2012 Blocked road gully

Blocked drain gully causing minor flooding

18/12/2012 Blocked road gullies

Two (2) road gullies blocked either side of entrance to South Riggs

18/12/2012 Dangerous Junction

Many people come to this Road to walk their dogs down the new footpath however many are parking on the raised area and I have nearly been involved in head on collisions several times. On one occasion a large HGV vehicle was parked right across over night! Double yellow lines need to be placed on both sides in order to see round the corner.

18/12/2012 Street lights switching on & off

Street lights No 8 and second lamp with no number, are switching themselves on & off

18/12/2012 Long Copse Lane

Dumped mattress

18/12/2012 4 streetlights not working in Marketplace

Four streetlights not working in Bedlington Marketplace.

18/12/2012 Dumped, untaxed car

Silver corsa with no rear number plate, no tax , rear of car concealed by broken up pallet. Registration GG05 YZX. Needs urgent removal as taking up valuable space.

18/12/2012 Abandoned beat up cars

Large numbers of abandoned, damaged cars are being parked along this road taking up a lot of parking space for business users on this very busy industrial estate. Many of these vehicles are not taxed. These need urgent removal as making area look like a war zone!

18/12/2012 fly tipping

load of rubbish

18/12/2012 Drain blocked and water running 50m down road

The water from this blockage has been running out onto Dereham Road westwards and into a road drain about 50m away for several days now.

18/12/2012 Dumped building waste

A considerable amount of building waste has been dumped by the side of the road.

18/12/2012 deep pothole

deep pothole

18/12/2012 requires cleaning

build up of grit/road debris on central area of pelican island

18/12/2012 Hole

Been fixed once, getting worse again. do it properly please. You never do anything properly, you always have to go back.

18/12/2012 EXTREMELY DANGEROUS deep pot hole

LARGE DEEP DANGEROUS hole, Herfordshire Highways pull your finger out and get your act together. You are ignoring these dangerous holes and when you do repair them, they are inadequate. One day you will kill someone.


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