About Community Fix
Community Fix is a new initiative which creates a partnership between communities, residents, police, local borough councils and county councils in order to keep local environments clean and safe.

The Community Fix website is completely free to use and lets local people report anything unsightly or anti -social that they come across such as graffiti, abandoned cars, fly tipping; anything in fact which needs to be 'fixed'. Local residents simply search the map for the location of any particular incident and Community Fix works out who needs to know about the problem and makes them aware of it.

Remember, it's not just about your local community, you can use Community Fix wherever you may be whether on holiday (in the UK), visiting friends or relatives or where you work; if you see it, report it! Once the problem has been fixed it will be removed from the map and and an email will be sent back to the resident to thank them for their help.

Community Fix will continue to evolve and develop as the audience grows and new features will be added at regular intervals. You can help by completing the feedback form and making any useful suggestions that you can think of.

Community Fix is a WEB 2.0 application which encourages online interaction, participation and collaboration in order to achieve a common goal.

Community Fix is a project designed, built and managed by Dial Media Group, a leading new media agency based in Surrey. Dial Media Group have worked with 100s of clients over a 12 year period to build websites, intranets and online applications in order to make the most of the Internet and its many opportunities.